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  12 December 2017

FireSinging has released a development blog for future updates on their progress. You can visit this blog at https://firesinging.github.io/.

To quote their blog post:

We have reached the capital city again! By loading fixed data (which later needs to be variable) we can now enter the Greek capital city again. Download the progress from our server github to see for yourself. You cannot actually play yet, but we move on. Creating the other characters also isn't implemented yet.

What's next:

The game session gets disconnected due to chat. This will be the first to add.
Add remaining package definitions.
Administer some issues / tasks on Github.
Work on the data extraction layer for game data (certain game .xml files).

The following ways you can contribute at this point:

Code suggest on the current repository
Work out the player class based on XML

So far for the update! If you have question, shoot them by e-mail. We have Christmas holiday coming so hope to give you more updates soon!

I'll try to keep you all informed on blog posts here also.

Please note this isn't an AOEO4EVER.net project and we cannot provide more information at this point.

  11 November 2017

FireSinging has released a development blog for future updates on their progress. You can visit this blog at https://firesinging.github.io/.

To quote their first blog post:

Welcome to our brand new development blog! From here we want to frequently (bi-weekly) update you on the progress of our effort to build a local game server for Age of Empires Online. Ultimately it is our goal to build a local or small server emulation for home use where you can play (with friends and family). This way you control the game, on local play you can play whenever and wherever you want and don't need to worry about loosing game progress again.

As the road still is long, we just released a first build of the xlive installement we use for testing. This is based on a general script (Xliveless) and converted to Age of Empires Online studying different sources. We also hope to release next week a first effort of a solid project start we used (and are extending at this moment) of the server coding. This won't be an actual working game version, but gives insight in how code is structured. As game logic for most important single player content is known we are at the point of custom C# writing and those among you that know a bit of C# might be able to contribute from that point also to speed up progress. For example reading XML content from game files or doing default user actions like login and logoff.

I'll try to keep you all informed on blog posts here also.

Please note this isn't an AOEO4EVER.net project and we cannot provide more information at this point.

  30 October 2017
We have a new milestone to celebrate; We passed 8.000 community members! Two and a half year ago Mimi and I started the Steam group 'BringbackAOEO' and a bit moreover two years ago MrPSIHO13 started this community and it has grown towards this milestone.
  20 September 2017

As announced before a new project is under development. 'Firesinging' is an effort to return Age of Empires Online by building a public, open source server emulation. Primarily the focus is on offline single player with original gameplay, so you don't depend on Microsoft or someone else to host a server and can loose game progress at some point. View the video below or visit the project YouTube.

You can also follow development soon by visiting https://github.com/firesinging.

Please note this isn't an AOEO4EVER.net project and we cannot provide more information at this point.

  01 September 2017

After a period of downtime for about two weeks we are back! Downtime was due to limitations of our community hosting. AOEO4EVER.net is limited to a certain monthly bandwidth (site traffic) and increasing activity has resulted in exceeding this limit. The next few days we are looking into downsizing the community a bit or see how donations develop.

Besides that, there is awsome news! During the downtime I was contacted by FireSinger and he send me a few pictures of our beloved game being playable in offline mode by server emulation. Now we all know Project Penelope, but that was based on emulating the original gameplay. The work done by FireSinger is totally based on true gameplay and emulates a game server. So basically, if you always wanted to play Age of Empires Online while being in the backseat of the car on your way to grandma you will be able to do so soon. And even better, FireSinger claimed to make his work an open source project which we all can extend.

Edit: Made changes should now prevent downtime

  31 May 2017

A bit more then a month ago we released Project Penelope 1.3. The goal of Project Penelope always has been to get as close to the original game as possible. Penelope 1.3 introduced a form of capital cities and gears. All this based emulation (simulation of original gameplay), but not actually using Age of Empires Online game features. With Project Celeste evolving more quickly then anticipated, the community members who worked on Project Penelope feel a new version of their project became obsolete for now.

  29 April 2017

We are proud to announce the release of Project Penelope version 1.3! A few community member worked together the past few weeks and took Project Penelope to another level. Most noticeable change is the ability to equip gear.

What is Project Penelope

Project Penelope is the offline version of Age of Empires Online. The project was founded by a community member who released a version of Age of Empires Online from it's beta days which had a scenario editor built in. This editor allowed you to place units, make maps, and gave you a way to play the Age of Empires Online. At this point Project Penelope supports the final version of Age of Empires Online and some of it's features. All six civilizations can be played with the right technologies, units can be equiped with gear and even some original quests can be played. All this still in offline mode only.

What's new in version 1.3

Project Penelope is mainly a release which takes emulation (simulation of original gameplay) to a next level. The following has been added:

  • Capital city
    New in Project Penelope 1.3 is a basic form of capital city. From here you can press the region map button and select a quest to play. Also this makes it possible to have slots to save your items. In addition to the original announcement of Project Penelope version 1.3 we also added the option to construct buildings and save the design.

  • Gear
    Project Penelope 1.3 allows you to equip gear! From the capital city you can equip gear to units. That gear will have effect in your quests. Not only for statistics but also their visual style! Also it is possible to equip gear to enemy units, to bring their behavior more close to the original. We included some groupings for quest designers based on the original character files (they define AI behavior). For your own units also the icons are included. For enemy units, you will only see changed statistics.

  • Designer tools
    For quest designers (and ultimately for players) we added some designer tools. For example now quest objectives are close to the original and can quests have a countdown timer. Many more new quest features can be found. We advise you to take a look at the scenario pack done by Musictopia .

  • And more
    New units, new custom technologies and much more!
  20 April 2017
We are proud to announce the next version of Project Penelope. It will be released to members of our community on [b]April 29th[/b]. [b]Something to consider[/b] In 2015 we started this community AOEO4EVER.net next to the [url=https://steamcommunity.com/groups/bringbackAOEO]steam group BBAOEO[/url]. This group is a petition in order to persuade Microsoft to return Age of Empires Online through Steam. Ultimate goal of AOEO4EVER.net would also be to achieve this but we also offer a central gathering of other projects that contribute in the return of Age of Empires Online. For moreover a year community members can enjoy Project Penelope, the offline version of Age of Empires Online. Originally Project Penelope was based on an older version of Age of Empires Online and released by [url=https://aoeo4ever.net/community/109-agent-luciano/profile.html]agent_luciano[/url]. Some community members picked this version up and worked towards a Project Penelope 1.2 release. This version was based on the final game version of Age of Empires Online. Most work on this project has been done by [url=https://aoeo4ever.net/community/502-aizamk/profile.html]Aizamk[/url] and [url=https://aoeo4ever.net/community/105-kisonik/profile.html]Kisonik[/url]. Everything based on game emulation. Which in this case best translates to simulation of the original game but not using the full functions of the game. So limitations are still there. Now following the release of Project Penelope 1.3 to add new emulations. You can find the list of features below. But next to this project there is also work ongoing on a promising other project which doesn't use emulation, but attempts to recreate server responses. There still is a long road but the results the last two months are really hopefull. Compared to several other initiatives like 'Neoages' this seems our best chance so far. To be able to take next steps with the community and financially support projects we ask you to consider the following: [ol] [li]What has been the gameplay offered by Project Penelope so far worth to you and / or [/li] [li]What is the chance of a potential return of Age of Empires Online worth to you [/li] [/ol] If this has value to you, please consider a [url=https://aoeo4ever.net/shop/product/1-donation.html]donation[/url] [b]What can you expect from Project Penelope version 1.3?[/b] [ul] [li] [b]Final version Age of Empires Online:[/b] Project Penelope version 1.3 is based on the final version of Age of Empires Online. [/li] [li] [b]Gear emulation:[/b] You can now equip gear to units and have their effects. Due to this feature you can / should now not manually change visual styles anymore. Equiped gear will now also change the visual style of the unit. For your units you can also see the gear equiped[/li] [li] [b]Gear emulation:[/b] The enemy can now be equiped with gear to units and have their effects. It will also change their visual style [/li] [li] [b]Quest objectives:[/b] You now have a window with quest objectives and optional timer [/li] [li] [b]Capital city:[/b] You now have a basic capital city. You cannot place buildings (yet), but you have slots to store items[/li] [/ul] [b]Gameplay videos[/b] [url=https://youtu.be/M-g4e6ppCX8]https://youtu.be/M-g4e6ppCX8[/url] [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0N_Of1QNdE&t=871s]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0N_Of1QNdE&t=871s[/url] [b]Credits[/b] We want to thank the following member for their contributions so far in Project Penelope: [ul] [li]seyth27[/li] [li]agent_luciano[/li] [li]Aizamk[/li] [li]francof514[/li] [li]MrPSIHO13[/li] [li]Marios21[/li] [li]kisonik[/li] [li]ChefGrec34[/li] [li]mindgem[/li] [li]Aquarian[/li] [li]bluetoxic[/li] [li]8anashs[/li] [li]UAELORD[/li] [li]Millard[/li] [li]DanielKillerX[/li] [li]cad39again[/li] [li]Musictopia[/li] [/ul] (If I missed someone, let me know!) Take a look [url=https://aoeo4ever.net/about/help-us.html]here[/url] on how you can help our community!
  16 April 2017
Today we have launched the AOEO4EVER.net shop! It's a new feature on our website to take another step towards our goal to bring back Age of Empires Online. Mainly we have added this feature now to allow donations within our community. You can find the donation option [url=https://aoeo4ever.net/shop/product/1-donation.htm]here[/url]. [b]Why donations?[/b] AOEO4EVER.net is a free community for fans of Age of Empires Online. We started in 2015 and are dedicated to bring back Age of Empires Online and let fans play this game again. We intend to do this by developing an active community and supporting projects towards our goal. Volunteers donate time to AOEO4EVER.net. If you can't contribute that way, please consider a financial donation. Donations will be used for: [ul] [li]Website hosting costs[/li] [li]Legal setup for our community[/li] [li]Saving for the possibility of future servers when a project requires them[/li] [li]Support projects by hiring professionals or pay small fees to non-professional developers[/li] [/ul] Consider making a small donation. You can freely decide on what amount to donate through PayPal only at this point. We are still working on a donation meter and a transparent view to give insight in our spendings. [b]Become legendary![/b] To make donation worthwhile we have added a few rewards to our website. When a donation above 5 euros or dollars is made you get some gifts from Minos: [ul] [li]You will receive 50 sitepoints, so if you want to jump right into the editor here's your chance[/li] [li]You will reach legendary status on our website. You can distinct legendary members by their username color[/li] [li]The 'Gifts from Minos' achievement is restored on our website and you'll get is as a reward [/li] [/ul] [b]Notes and nearby future[/b] As stated before in the '[url=https://aoeo4ever.net/about.html]About us[/url]' description we do not intend to monetize the community or support projects who do. The shop has the intention to secure the future of the community and, as you can read in the description of the donation option, support promising projects financially. Needless to say that some spending money for our community makes things a bit easier. But as long as Project Penelope is an offline version and doesn't require resources it will remain [u]free[/u]! Next our focus will move towards the release of Project Penelope 1.3. We still hope for a release this month, so be sure to check the forums frequently for the announcement.
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