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  11 November 2017

FireSinging has released a development blog for future updates on their progress. You can visit this blog at https://firesinging.github.io/.

To quote their first blog post:

Welcome to our brand new development blog! From here we want to frequently (bi-weekly) update you on the progress of our effort to build a local game server for Age of Empires Online. Ultimately it is our goal to build a local or small server emulation for home use where you can play (with friends and family). This way you control the game, on local play you can play whenever and wherever you want and don't need to worry about loosing game progress again.

As the road still is long, we just released a first build of the xlive installement we use for testing. This is based on a general script (Xliveless) and converted to Age of Empires Online studying different sources. We also hope to release next week a first effort of a solid project start we used (and are extending at this moment) of the server coding. This won't be an actual working game version, but gives insight in how code is structured. As game logic for most important single player content is known we are at the point of custom C# writing and those among you that know a bit of C# might be able to contribute from that point also to speed up progress. For example reading XML content from game files or doing default user actions like login and logoff.

I'll try to keep you all informed on blog posts here also.

Please note this isn't an AOEO4EVER.net project and we cannot provide more information at this point.

  30 October 2017
We have a new milestone to celebrate; We passed 8.000 community members! Two and a half year ago Mimi and I started the Steam group 'BringbackAOEO' and a bit moreover two years ago MrPSIHO13 started this community and it has grown towards this milestone.
  20 September 2017

As announced before a new project is under development. 'Firesinging' is an effort to return Age of Empires Online by building a public, open source server emulation. Primarily the focus is on offline single player with original gameplay, so you don't depend on Microsoft or someone else to host a server and can loose game progress at some point. View the video below or visit the project YouTube.

You can also follow development soon by visiting https://github.com/firesinging.

Please note this isn't an AOEO4EVER.net project and we cannot provide more information at this point.

  01 September 2017

After a period of downtime for about two weeks we are back! Downtime was due to limitations of our community hosting. AOEO4EVER.net is limited to a certain monthly bandwidth (site traffic) and increasing activity has resulted in exceeding this limit. The next few days we are looking into downsizing the community a bit or see how donations develop.

Besides that, there is awsome news! During the downtime I was contacted by FireSinger and he send me a few pictures of our beloved game being playable in offline mode by server emulation. Now we all know Project Penelope, but that was based on emulating the original gameplay. The work done by FireSinger is totally based on true gameplay and emulates a game server. So basically, if you always wanted to play Age of Empires Online while being in the backseat of the car on your way to grandma you will be able to do so soon. And even better, FireSinger claimed to make his work an open source project which we all can extend.

Edit: Made changes should now prevent downtime